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Welcome to the world of Pascal Moscovitz!

If you try to follow Pascal Moscovitz Moscovitz you must play hide and seek in the maze of his original work, full of fantasies, intuition and expressive lightness that come from it. Pascal Moscovitz Moscovitz was born in paris in 1951. Painting was delineated along the time, as if he were tracing the path with small cobbles, to make sure he wouldn’t get lost.everything led to an oniric maze which resulted in a different and profoundly touching art. His sensitivity arouses ours, bringing to the surface multiple feelings and emotions. To follow him means to realize his talent and his unstopable search.experience what is new, learn to see things from a different viewpoint,do and redo, change techniques, reinventing, going for the masters, being bathed in sacred knowledge. It brings excellence, as well as stress, conflict, anxiety. His varied painting is like a self Portrait Gallery. We can see Pascal Moscovitz in each one of his works. Pascal Moscovitz loves portraits, and was designated by the movie stars to be the official portrait maker of Cannes 46th film festival in 1993.

When we observe his work, we can see the influence of masters:manet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Vlaminck or Renaud. Words on Canvas, poems made with painting,his own writings or texts of great authors.

Oil and acrilic in the feminine portraits, artistic gestures,languid forms,as lautrec in the brothels,or the circus people.


Pascal Moscovitz travels a lot and when we think he is in paris, he has already been to and returned from Brazil, with inspiration to create “Sea and Boat” , based on the “Eldorado” myth. After that, Provence in focus, with Sober landscapes, sometimes violent, other times calm and quiet. Uncomparable. Then, he takes back the Academic Style, with flowers, still life, and lots of feelings.But still the passion and melody.

Lives of artists

His greatgrandfather was czar nicolau’s tenor; during the russian revolution He left russia and started the troupe “Alexandroff”, to work at the Moscow’s Circus. His grandfather was a pianist, guitarist, conductor at the lido in paris. As he spoke 16 languages, he worked as a translator for “un” during world war ii.his father had artistic gifts. He could play various instruments, and was an author and composer; so, he played at the circus.

Pascal Moscovitz goes from the paintings to the music, as his genetic code commands.
Pascal Moscovitz has a passion for music, especially Jazz. He considers it as a multiple presence of sounds and harmony, and has already taken part in festivals such as in Montreux, Coppet and Marciac, when he became friends to Wynton Marsalis, american composer and trumpet player, one of the most admired musicians of his generation.

In 2007, Pascal Moscovitz had an exibition of his works at victoria gallery in chatêlet, where artists in the evening, transformed the place in something like the “Sunset Sunside”.
Garon and Pascal Moscovitz got together to work in a program for children protection.

Pascal Moscovitz Moscovitz studied at the national superior school of applied arts and professions.he was Henri Pfeiffer’s student;this one belonged to bauhaus and was, by his turn, Paul Klee’s student. “Fauves”(Savages) were the audacious painters at the end of xix century;savages in the use of pure colours, they influenced the following generations, as in Pascal Moscovitz’s work.with this “fauves” Pascal Moscovitz learned how to use colours with strenght, though harmoniously.
He feels free of conventions, to go to new experiments in forms and colours,the use of spatula, the tube, brushes, giving an impression of naturalism (façonnage) in the painting.

Art talks about art. Symbols and forms, uniqueness and poetry. Between 1968 to 1970 he took a graduation course at National Superior School and Architeture School on Rue Motgolfier (Paris). In 1972, he received the Salon d’Automne award.

He becomes almost a nomad, meets interesting and famous people, goes to and comes from different countries and takes part in events. We can see his work in many places, such as the “Palacio do Governo de Curitiba”, Paraná, Brazil. Or at the Hospital in Curitiba, that purchased all his collection inspired in the myth of “Eldorado”,where he made use of gold leaves. He plays in pleasurable encouters, such as in curitiba, during the “franco-brazilian” celebration. In Cannes, in 1993 and 1994, he celebrated cooking, transforming food in art, when he had his dinner parties with artists and intelectuals, giving people a special pleasure, with his creative gastronomy.


Italy-Award Composition
Usa-Miami and San Francisco
Brazil-São paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Uberaba



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